Have fun and learn with wet felting.

With your kit you can make your own Pet Rock, Felted Soap and Felt Balls

You'll start by learning wet felting techniques to make your Pet Rock. You'll learn how to pull rovings into spiderwebs, layers and learn the art of felting. You'll use those skills to felt your soap. Then you are ready to begin felting balls to make your own bag tag, key ring, necklace or anything you can think of!

Wet Felting is fun craft to do with children and adults. - no experience necessary just a sense of adventure :-) Even if you're not crafty you will create wonderful results.

Your Bright Crafts Wet Felt kits contains superior PURE MERINO WOOL ROVINGS. Merino wool is easy to felt and stays soft, the colours are permanent and stay bright wash even after wet felting.

Rainbow Wet Felting Kit

    • 1 x pet rock
    • 1 x Australian handmade soap
    • 1 x Carabina
    • 1 x nylon stocking
    • Merino Roving in 8 rainbow colours. (There is enough roving for you to make all 3 projects.)
    • 1 x tapestry needle
    • Thread
    • Detailed Instructions
    • Access to step by step photographic instructions

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