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A gracious elderly lady came to look over my my market stall admiring all my hand-dyed products. As we chatted she asked me about a scarf I had lovingly experimented on. She had a love of craft and a bit of experience in dyeing so we spoke about the processes I used in creating the scarf.

I had started with a black scarf and removed some of the colour from it. Once rinsed, washed and dried I over dyed it with orange, red and magenta dyes, the scarf was then washed and dried again, ironed and then hand stamped it with gold textile paint using hand carved wooden stamps. This scarf was a labour of love.

This gracious lady revealed to me that she had fallen in love with my scarf but that as she had failing eyesight it was better off going to someone who could see all it’s beauty clearly. She left my stall to explore.

A few minutes later an equally gracious elderly gentleman approached me about the scarf saying that the lady I had just spoken with was his wife, they were going on a cruise in a few days and he felt the scarf would be perfect for the cooler evenings. He had noticed her admiring the scarf and felt the colours were beautiful on her. He purchased the scarf from me as his wife came back, instead of keeping it as a surprise on the cruise he chose to give it to her in font of me. She wept tears of joy and gratitude at receiving such a beautiful gift. We joined in her happy tears too.

"When you create something hand made, when you put your heart into making it you are always rewarded."

Creating hand made gifts is a special way to share your heart. For that next birthday or special occasion gift think about purchasing something hand made and unique, or what about having all the fun of making it yourself! Both you and your recipient will be excited about your creations too.

We have a great range of white items to dye that make wonderful gifts when tie dyed with Bright Crafts Tie Dye kit.

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