How To Tie Dye Videos

Do you prefer seeing something instead of reading? Then check out our HOW TO Tie Dye video series.
We quickly take you through the step involved, you’ll printable versions of the instructions under the tips and Tricks tab.

Bright Crafts Tie a Spiral

Learn how to tie and dye a rainbow spiral on a t-shirt We take you on a quick trip through all the steps to make a rainbow spiral Tie Dye using our 10 colour dye Spectrum Tie Dye kit. – see the easiest way to tie a spiral – how to mark your spiral for easy dyeing – how to dye a rainbow pattern. Then you

Learn how to make Black Tie Dye ARASHI Shibori Style

Discover how to make a black Tie Dye ARASHI Shibori with Kimberlie from Bright Crafts. All you need is a white cotton t-shirt, a plastic pipe and Bright Crafts black dye.