Frequently Asked Questions Tie Dye

Tie Dye T-ShirtWill my Tie Dyes stay bright after washing?

YES. Bright Crafts Tie Dye kits only contain REAL FABRIC DYES (not fabric paint), they bond with your fabric which means your fabric stays soft, your tie dyes are washing machine safe, the colours stay bright wash after wash.

Follow the detailed instructions supplied with your Bright Crafts Tie Dye kit and make sure you leave the dyes to soak into your fabric for 24 hours before you wash them out. This makes sure the dye has had time to bond with your fabric so the colours will last and stay bright.

What can I Tie Dye?

You can dye t-shirts, socks, shirts, jeans, bags, sneakers, doona covers, pillowcases, curtains etc.
Just remember you can only dye plant-based fabric eg Cotton, bamboo, linen, rayon, hemp.
To make it easy for you we have a range of 100% cotton ethically made items to dye on our website, just go to the Ready to Dye page.
Our dyes won’t dye man-made fibres eg. Nylon, Polyester.
Cotton Rich fabric is approx 30% man-made fibre. If you dye it you will get poor results.

Can I Tie Dye baby clothes?

YES, Bright Crafts dyes bond inside your fabric so there is no chance of your baby sucking the dyes off.
Fabric paints, cheap Tie Dye kits and clothing dyed in Asia are not safe for children’s clothing as the dyes may be sucked off the fabric.

What types of fabric can I Tie Dye?

Any plant fabric is suitable to dye with Bright Crafts Tie Dye kits.
Fabrics that can be tie dyed and give you bright beautiful colours includes:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Rayon
  • Hemp
  • Linen

DON’T try to dye
– Polycotton or Synthetic fibres
– Protein fibres eg Wool and Silk
Bright Craft Tie Dyes don’t give good results on man-made or animal made fibres.

Will I be able to create good tie dyes if I’ve never tie dyed before?

YES, that’s what great about Tie Dyeing with Bright Crafts Tie Dye kits, you don’t need any experience because our instructions are written as if we are little tie dye fairies sitting on your shoulder sharing all the the tips to making rainbow Tie Dyes and more.

Even if you’re not crafty you will create wonderful results. Tie dyeing isn’t about perfection, it’s about having fun and playing with colours and patterns.

Bright Crafts Kits are suitable for ages 5+ with Adult supervision.

Children and Adults are excited and amazed by the beautiful results they can create with their Bright Crafts Tie Dye kits. Waiting to open your Tie Dyed fabric is like waiting to open your pressies on Christmas morning – you’ll be full of excitement and anticipation. Tie dyeing is a fun craft to do with children and adults. – no experience necessary just a sense of adventure 🙂 Tie Dyeing is also a great craft to do for Science projects.

Refunds and Returns – Purchase Terms & Conditions

The Bright Crafts family carefully check and package all your items before sending them out. In the unlikely event that a faulty item escapes our attention or you’ve chosen the wrong product please read through the following:

  • Reason for Return of items must be lodged within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • We request that you contact us via email immediately after receiving your order.
  • Please include the following information in your email.
Bright Crafts customer Tie Dyeing

Detail the nature of the problem/reason for return.

  • Your Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Product Name/Code
  • Request for Replacement, Exchange or Refund
  • Items must be returned in original unused, unopened condition, with labels and tags still intact
  • Due to the fact that Tie Dye bottles are not sealed, we can not accept Tie dye kit returns due to change of mind
  • For health reasons, we cannot exchange any item that has been used
  • A Return Authorisation Number is required before returning any goods
  • Replacement items will not be sent until the returned item is received by Bright Crafts in original condition, with labels and tags still intact
  • Shipping costs will not be included in any refund
  • We are unable to take responsibility for loss or damage of goods in transit, any damage in transit is the responsibility of the shipping company
  • By purchasing an item from Bright Crafts website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.