Tie Dye Birthday Party Kit

Tie Dye Birthday Party Kits

Only $13.90 per party child

We provide the dye supplies you need to have the perfect Tie Dye birthday party.
Choose from:

  • 3 rainbow Tie Dye colours for primary age kids
  • 10 spectrum Tie Dye colours for tweens and teens​

Perfect for 10 Kids

Tie Dyeing is lots more fun
when you make rainbows with your friends.

Bright Crafts Tie Dye Birthday Party Kits are the best birthday fun ever

Designed for up to 10 Kids

Your Tie Dye Birthday Party Kit Includes

Your Tie Dye Party Kit comes with

  • pre-measured dye supplies in squeeze bottles
  • gloves for each participant
  • plastic aprons for each participant
  • parent instructions
  • “How to Tie and Dye” posters
  • Take home bags with wash out instructions printed on them.

For your peace of mind, we can also include

  • MSDS’s
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment.

You can Tie Dye T-shirts and more

You can dye any plant fibre, eg: Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Rayon, Linen

Have more than 10 party goers?

We can custom make your Tie Dye party kit with everything you need so you have exactly the right supplies for your party.

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