Bright Crafts School Tie Dye workshop kit

61% of the world’s population believe they aren’t creative! We associate creativity with artists, artisans, architects. We think creativity is about practice, precision & perfection. Yet employers are already seeking team members who are creative; who can think outside the square, who can
imagine and innovate. They want employees who can use their creativity to solve problems. Does that mean that only the creative 39% will find employment? For the benefit of the children in our care it’s time for us to switch our beliefs about creativity and open their minds to their possibilities.

I grew up in a family of artists. My dad was an air brush water colour artist who worked as a commercial artist for an adverting company. My mum was a potter who created beautiful, functional pottery. Both my sisters were artistic. I was not; I couldn’t draw, paint or make pottery. In fact I
loathed getting clay under my finger nails! My parents never told me I wasn’t artistic or creative, but because I wasn’t creative like they were I believed I wasn’t a creative person.

Yet we are all creative beings, we all express creativity every day. Even the way you arrange the dishes at your sink ready to wash is you bring creative with the space you have available. Everyday in a myriad of ways you are expressing your creativity without realising it.

We are all creative beings, we all express creativity every day Creativity is not about art; it’s not about paint, pencils, clay or wood. It’s not about portraits, dream homes or designer gardens although these can be the results of expressing your creativity. Creativity is about playing and exploring, about observing and trying. We can express creativity through tangible things like felt, fabric and flowers as well as intangible things such as feeling and ideas. Yet with so many children believing they aren’t creative because they aren’t “good” at drawing how can we break down their beliefs and change their mindset?

For me it was through tie dyeing that I discovered I was creative. I loved the idea of not having to be perfect when I tied up my fabric. I loved that I could put the dye on the t-shirts anyway I liked. I loved the randomness of the patterns, and I loved that I could never reproduce the same pattern again. I was delighted to discover that Tie Dyeing isn’t about perfection it’s about playing, exploring and having fun, it’s about the freedom to discover your creativity. The simple act of tie dyeing a t-shirt made me realise that although I may not be able to draw like my parents I am still creative. I have discovered that the act of being creative in one area of life can spark solution finding in another area. Every year I try out different arts or craft to help shift my perspective and enhance my ability to be innovative.

We can’t separate what we believe from who we are and the opportunities we accept. I’ve seen the benefits of this creative mind shift for both adults and children. Seeing their faces light up when they see themselves as a creative person has given them the confidence to partake in amazing
opportunities they wouldn’t have accepted previously.

By offering opportunities for your children to experience different forms of creative expression you will help them shift their mindset and discover the creativity in everyday things. To give our children the best chance at a fulfilling future with employment opportunities let’s shift their beliefs and help them realise that they are creative.

At Bright Crafts we have a range of craft activities including Tie Dyeing and Felt Making to help you shift your children’s mindset and provide them with fun opportunities to express their creativity.