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Keep Your Clothes Out of Landfill – Tie Dye Them!


Tie Dyeing your old clothes to give them new life is the perfect answer to combining creativity and up-cycling. Here are 12 tips that can make dyeing your old clothes more successful for you. When buying clothes read the clothing label. If you buy clothing made from plant based eg cotton, rayon, bamboo, hemp

Keep Your Clothes Out of Landfill – Tie Dye Them!2021-05-27T09:56:52+10:00

Living In The 70’s, Bright Colours & The Power Of Rainbows


It was the 1970’s, bright colours were everywhere, especially in our home. I grew up making castles with the bright yellow cushions from our lounge. Turquoise curtains and our sunburst coloured shag pile rugs were my backdrops. Living in the 70's Even my teenage bedroom was splashed in colour; my primary yellow desk with

Living In The 70’s, Bright Colours & The Power Of Rainbows2021-05-27T09:56:59+10:00

Try Felting For Relaxation


With all the excitement and busyness of the festive season, we can all become frazzled. Children especially may become over stimulated, stressed, anxious or frustrated. While many activities can add to the excitement of the season there is one craft that is rhythmic and soothing. It’s the perfect antidote for children and adults. The

Try Felting For Relaxation2021-05-27T09:57:05+10:00

What makes Tie Dyeing so much Fun?


For many children, deciding on which pattern to dye is half the fun. Children soak up inspiration from so many different sources, seeing someone in a tie dye shirt, a pattern in a book, a colourful painting, bright flowers, a day at the beach or a trip to the bush. All this inspiration helps

What makes Tie Dyeing so much Fun?2021-05-27T09:57:13+10:00

Creativity, It’s Not About Art


61% of the world's population believe they aren't creative! We associate creativity with artists, artisans, architects. We think creativity is about practice, precision & perfection. Yet employers are already seeking team members who are creative; who can think outside the square, who can imagine and innovate. They want employees who can use their creativity to

Creativity, It’s Not About Art2021-05-27T09:57:27+10:00

All The Colours Of The Rainbow


When most people think of tie dye they connect hippies and rainbows and maybe even kombivans! They don’t think of STEM - science, technology, engineering or maths, yet Tie Dyeing involves all of these STEM activities. Creating colourful tie dye patterns on fabric is a fun and practical way for you and your children to

All The Colours Of The Rainbow2021-05-27T09:57:34+10:00


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